Replacement/Extra Vinyl Straps
  • Replacement/Extra Vinyl Straps


    Need a replacement, or just want an extra strap?


    Length and type:

    • - wrist strap (wallets, small clutches, and crossbody bags)
    • B1 - shoulder strap, 15" long x .5" wide (long clutches)
    • B2 - shoulder strap, 45" long x .5" wide (crossbody length long clutches and crossbody bags)
    • C1 - shoulder strap, 22" long x 1" wide (replacement length for tufted kisslock handbags)
    • C2 - shoulder strap, 45" long x 1" wide (crossbody length for tufted kisslock handbags and studded kisslock handbags)



    ** All options are detachable.